Brotherhood of the Coast Table of Poland

Polish Brothers dpaleologecided that National Zafs should be longer than only one evening at the meal, should create better opportunity to connect for Brothers from different Tables – and should be located away from the capital, where everything tends to be more expensive…

Such successful zafarrancho occurred in the region of Mazurian Lakes at the beginning of November and lasted for the whole weekend. More than 80 persons attended, including Brothers, captives and invited guests. The main guest of honour was owner of a triple-masted schooner, bought in Sweden and entering service under Polish flag. That ceremony happened only a months earlier – on 8 October. Newcomer vessel, ex- ‘Najaden’, was named sv ‘Kapitan Borchardt’, after a Polish author of extremely popular maritime stories.

Election for National Captain was an important task of gathering. Same as the Polish Prime Minister before – our CN Jerzy Demetraki – Paleolog was elected for the second term. Two new Brothers, Wojciech Kot and Andrzej Kacała were voted into the Council of Seven. Vigia remained at his post, as it is filled on CN’s appointment – not by election.

Meetings abroad related by CN included Italian Lake Como Zaf in October and his cordial reception by Portsmouth Table in July. International contacts are to be intensified, there are plans afoot for Polish-American Zaf in the autumn of 2012 and International Lake Zaf at Polish Mazurian region in 2013.

On the home front, we paid homage for seven of our Brothers recently departed on last voyage. Four new Brothers were sworn in, and – Joy of Joys! – awaited for many years “Dykcjonarz Mesy Kaprów Polskich” was at long last delivered, published black on white and distributed. Interesting life stories of many Brothers, written by them selves were immediately eagerly sampled… One of them is a recipient of 2012 Glory of the Seas Award, who was decided on Zaf – but for now I am keeping it secret – until the Ceremony later in the year.

Jerzy Knabe VI Polonia



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