News from Poland – June 2015

Bad news first. Our two valiant Brothers, owners and skippers of two special sailing yachts, custom made for their unusual sailing ventures are clearly at odds with fate, ‘Malasuerte’ is following their footsteps – but they are not for quitting, they are doggedly pursuing their aims..

Capt. Moczydlowski and his crew on s.y. MAGNUS ZAREMBA, during its second Arctic research trip, survived capsize i.e. 360° turnover by a freak giant wave during winter storm on the North Sea. Apart of dismasting the vessel was not much damaged, towed to the harbour by kind Norwegian sea rescuers, returned under own steam to Gdansk and now is rigged anew – with considerable financial aid from Brothers and sympathizers..

Capt. Piotrowski on s.y. KPT. WAGNER made only a small progress in his Great Loop Polonia project after his winter stay in New Orleans. The engine, manufactured more than thirty years ago and not in production any more, again refused further cooperation. Spares are either not available, or very hard to locate, only privately – and very expensive. Help of a friendly and knowledgeable Polish mechanic in Chicago made possible almost total reconstruction and the engine is now working like new, being practicable “hand made” afresh. The trip resumes shortly. An addition to chain of bad luck was unexpected news that future participant of that trip, son of Wladek Wagner – Michael, have had a stroke and died.

Our famous ZEJMAN Tavern in Gdansk is moving out from the old site. The move is long and arduous, interrupted by false news and other “helpful” interventions, very much regretted by our Brotherhood – and that is the end of our bad news.

National Zaf held at Warsaw on 11th April 2015 allowed our four regional Tables for their own independent process of embarking “Junga” (i.e. Engage or Muchacho). However swearing-in ceremony remains reserved for National Captain – at the National Zafarrancho.

Alley of Sailors in Szczecin was oficially opened on 16th of May and unveiling sculpture of our Brother Maczka’s (“The Sea Monk”) was the main point of the event.

Our yearly award ceremony of The Glory of the Seas is scheduled for 20th of June in Gdynia, on board of s.t.s. DAR POMORZA. And the award goes to… retired admiral Czesław Dyrcz of Polish Navy.

And that is the end of our good news…

Jerzy Knabe #2
VI Polonia


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