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jacobson2010This year, as usual and as the tradition guide us, the Polish Hermandad rewarded merits of another worthy person with its ‘once in a lifetime’ highest prize, ‘Glory of the Seas’ award. That once a year event fall on 22nd May 2010 in Baltic harbour town Kołobrzeg where the recipient was presented with the material object of the award: the full size Pirate Battle Axe suitably engraved with the name of the owner.

The person honoured by “Mesa Kaprów Polskich” was at this occasion our Brother Wojciech (Adalbert) Jacobson (rol no.44). He is MSc of chemical engineering by profession but his lifetime engagement in yachting proved to have, at the very least, an equal or perhaps even a major importance. He clocked over 260,000 nautical miles on various sailing yachts, small as MARIA belonging to our ‘Monje del Mar’ Ludomir Mączka (rol no.6), or big as ill fated sail training ship CONCORDIA. He crossed all world oceans including Cape Horn, Magellan’s and Northwest Passage through Canadian Arctic.

He received his Yacht Captain’s Ticket in 1965 and before time of our award was already recipient of several prizes: ‘The Silver Sextant’ (twice), honorary membership of Polish Yachting Association and his club AZS – Academic Sports Association where for many years he was managing sailing education. He values highly his ‘Derek Zavitz Memorial Award’ (1998) from Canadian Students ‘for a worthy following attitude’. His Brothers in Poland think likewise.

Another recent development in Polish Brotherhood is repeated revitalization of the website which previously did fall into disrepair and became a ‘worm’s nest’. Thanks to efforts of the new webmaster, Brother Andrzej Kacała (rol no.97) it can now be approached without fear. It is still under development but you are invited to visit. Foreign languages translations are in the making. Welcome!

Jerzy Knabe (2) VI Polonia
June ‘2010

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