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Tortuga Post December 2013
Signals from Poland

During first half of the year 2013 local zafarranchos of Polish tables have one topic, which was common to all of them: eager confirmation of granting our Glory of the Seas Trophy to Brother Jędrzej Porada (#102), yacht / merchant navy captain, doctor of technical sciences. Suggestion for the current year, made by apposite Chapter, was unanimously accepted. Early August, in Szczecin where he lives and works at the Maritime Academy, there was a big international gathering, a final of the Tall Ship Races. So the time and place for decoration became obvious…

Earlier, on the 2-nd of May which is a Day of the Flag, President of Poland invited several yachtsmen who in the past made significant and famous voyages flying Polish ensign all over the world. One of honoured was our Brother Senior, Capt. Bolesław Kowalski (#1). Lead by him 1965/66 expedition on sy. SMIAŁY around the South America (which, by the way, fruited in foundation of Polish Hermandad de la Costa), was also a topic of the adjacent exhibition. Some more Polish Brothers were also invited for their maritime achievements. Significant gathering took place for three days (13-15) of September. It was the 3-rd International Lake Zafarrancho, held in Wilkasy in Mazurian District of Poland. Over seventy participants (including Brothers from England, Italy and Switzerland) enjoyed meals, sailing trips, bonfire evenings and excursion to the leading Polish yacht-yard manufacturing “Delphia” yachts in Olecko. They were invited there by owner-director, our Brother Wojciech Kot (#91).

The Zaf in Wilkasy was simultaneously a Polish national; meaning that our local membership issues were proceeded, namely accepting and rejecting candidates, current matters, voting for honours etc. There was also a sworning in ceremony of two new brothers, Jerzy Kołakowski and Mieczysław Ircha. They received roll numbers 133 and 134. Deducting those who are already on Eternal Seas or were marooned, our total crew stands now at ca. ninety Brothers.

Important note: Our internal regulations state that the Brother’s sworn-in ceremony is a secret one and “for Brothers live eyes only”. Not for captives either – please! Therefore it must be reminded and strongly requested that none of such photographs taken should be published anywhere.

Brothers of British Kent Invicta Table hosted a very pleasant Grand Boucan on 25-27 October. Polish National Captain Jerzy Paleolog (#78) and his entourage were in attendance along with Brothers from Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

Year 2013 was also important one for the very interesting future prospects. Our former National Captain, Eugeniusz Moczydłowski (#73), scientist and sailor experienced in various polar expeditions, at long last and at the point of looming bankruptcy, managed to launch a brand new yacht designed to his own specification. She is flat-bottom, with hydraulic lifted keel and ready to withstand freezing-in the water during a winter research in the Antarctica. Until now scientist did such work there only during Antarctic summer!

That boat is named MAGNUS ZAREMBA. That is the name of English King Harold the Second’s son and there is a genealogical connection to the Captain… MMSI: 261025570 Call Sign: SPG3930 Flag: Poland (PL)

She is now undergoing a sea tests, before sailing to her appointment. More details of her construction and whereabouts are already available at the internet Live Ships Map – AIS Marine Traffic:

Capt. Moczydłowski and his crew have our best wishes.
Good luck and success!

Jerzy Knabe (#2)

Vigia International – Polonia

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