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To: Paleolog Jerzy [mailto:jerzy.paleolog@up.lublin.pl]
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Sent: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 17:24:28 +0100
Subject: Re: Fw: Wiadomosci ze zdjeciami (16) dla Ciebie

Dear Jerzy,

I am very glad you agree!

I have been speaking about this idea with Brothers from New York and also here
in Berlin and there is high interest in a Zaf in Gdansk. I would strongly
recommend that a date be set at least a year ahead so that Brothers outside of
Poland might make plans to attend. Some American Brothers who are still working
do not have many vacation days and need time to plan holidays, as do Brothers
outside of Poland. Considering the weather, the best date might be late
September – early October 2012; these dates ensure that there are not a lot of
tourists but still very pleasant weather for walking in the old town and plenty
of time to inform Brothers about the Zaf in advance.

As Captives will attend, I also suggest that you consider using the Hotel Gdansk
for lodging, as the quality of the hotel is quite high, the restaurant very good
and they will have about 80 rooms available when their new addition is finished
in 2011. I also found the breakfast quite good, an important consideration as
food quality becomes a very important factor for a successful Zaf. The
restaurant has a second seating area above the ground floor restaurant which I
think might serve very nicely for a formal dinner.

There is much history of Gdansk that will be interesting for Brothers and
Captives to learn, as there is of Poland as well. I am sure there are some day
tours that can be arranged, such as in the tour boats I saw in the canal.

As the NY Table has developed a number of Zafs with 80 – 100 Brothers and
Captives attending from US and foreign Tables, I will personally be pleased to
help in planning such a Zaf with you. I can appreciate that such an undertaking
might at first seem overwhelming, but the NY Table will assist you as much as we
can by sharing with you our experiences.

Also I would like to have a list of the Brothers and their Captives who were
kind enough to meet me and host me in Poland. I want to write up a summary to
share with Brothers and wish to mention them.

My best wishes and a big hug to both of you – Joe
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From: Paleolog Jerzy
Sent: Dec 11, 2010 3:27 PM
To: Joe Citarella
Subject: Re: Fw: WiadomoA>Ä? ze zdjÄTciami (16) dla Ciebie

Dear Joe
Zaff in Gdansk is good idea

From: Joe Citarella [mailto:joecitarella@sprintmail.com]
To: Paleolog Jerzy [mailto:jerzy.paleolog@up.lublin.pl]
Cc: Andrzej Drapella [mailto:adrapella1@gmail.com]
Sent: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 14:04:12 +0100
Subject: Re: Fw: Wiadomosci ze zdjeciami (16) dla Ciebie

Many thanks for the information about the Polish National Boucan NOV 2011 – I
will pass this information to US Brothers.

However I would like to propose that perhaps a joint Polish-American Zaf in
Gdansk be considered. The hotel I stayed at in Gdansk was a perfect location and
very easy for foreign Brothers and Captives to easily walk to the alt stadt.
Considering the weather, a late September early October time would be perfect. I
would be more than happy to work with the Gdansk Table to help in such an
effort. It may be too late for 2011 but a 2012 time would allow plenty of time
to plan such a program.

I will call you when I return to the US.

Mnay thanks again for arranging such a wonderful program for me – I hope you
could find the time to vist me in NY – there is always a warm berth waiting.



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From: Paleolog Jerzy
Sent: Dec 9, 2010 3:30 PM
To: joecitarella@sprintmail.com
Subject: Fw: WiadomoA>Ä? ze zdjÄTciami (16) dla Ciebie

Have a good time,
if You or sombody else is able to please to feel invited to Polisch National
Bucan. The Third weekend of November 2011
Jerzy paleolog 78

From: Andrzej Drapella [mailto:adrapella1@gmail.com]
To: jerzy.paleolog@up.lublin.pl
Sent: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 18:01:52 +0100
Subject: Wiadomosc ze zdjeciami (16) dla Ciebie

Czesc Jurek,

wizyta Joe Citarelli w Gdaansku zakonczona.
Bylismy na Westerplatte, na Placu Solidarnosci, na Dlugiej w dzien
i w nocy, zjedlismy dobra kolacje na miescie i sniadanie w Zejmanie.

Kupilem mu ladny, angielskojezyczny album o Gdansku i pozegnalem na

Joe okazal sie byc wielce sympatyczny i jak sadze wyjechal z
dobrymi wrazeniami

Andrzej #89

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