Polish National Zafarrancho on 21 November 2015

Polish National Zafarrancho on 21 November 2015 in centrally situated town Lodz started with a solemn minute rembering our late Brothers and in particular – our Brother # 1 Boleslaw Kazimierz.Kowalski GHM, He was our first National Captain and founding father of Polish Hermandad in 1966, as a captain of sy ŚMIAŁY (The BRAVE) visiting Chile during the trip around South America, He left us for his voyage of no return to Hilo September past. .

Brother Jerzy Demetraki-Paleolog # 78, after two terms since 2007, stood down as a National Captain, receiving thanks for his leadership, together with his Council of Seven. After their closing reports Brother Jerzy Knabe #2 (j_knabe(at)mail.com) was elected as a new NC of “Mesa Kaprów Polskich” New C7 and other statutory bodies were established also. Details are available on our internet page https://hermandaddelacosta.pl/wladze/index.htm

An important topic of that Zaf was our 50-th Birth Anniversary, which comes on 1st June 2016. That demands some special events Among other projects – we plan an occasional publications and Jubilee International Zaf in Polish harbour town Gdansk and/or Szczecin. We hope for participation of foreign Brothers coming by sea also… Its most probable term is 9/10 July 2016 So Brothers, you can start your own planning. More details will be coming ASAP. Entire anniversary events will be dedicated to the Memory of Brother # 1 B.K.Kowalski.

I was appointed by NC as a new Vigia International of Poland. As a novice, I hope for your indulgence and further good cooperation with overseas Brothers.

As Polish Vigia I inherited the email address and that remains unchanged: (vigia(at)o2.pl)

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